Hello from the Ford showroom!


Got Vanna White feel or not?

Quite surprised and flattered that Ford asked me to work with them for a test drive and a video review of the new Ford Fiesta.  Cos… I think I know as much about cars as Fred Flintstone wtf.  (when I was a kid I used to think his rock car with the hole for his feet was the epitome of cool ok hahahaha).… Continue reading

Second baby shower for Bump

So…. this happened on Monday. 2015-02-23 10.13.53 2*hearts in eyes wtf


The second baby shower for Bump!  Fighter didn’t even have one hahaha.

My friends were always talking about throwing one for me and Bump since we didn’t get to do it with Fighter.  But since the past few weeks I kept getting scares and we also dunno when Bump would make her appearance, we decided no need la.… Continue reading

Elmural Cafe @ Penang

Advertorial:It seems every friends date have something to do with food or coffee, so this time I decided to catch up with my girls in Elmural Cafe! Fyi, it is a new cafe in town which can be found at Lebuh Cintra @ Penang. Besides, Elmural features quite a few mural paints which are very fascinating! Continue readingYou will often find crowds of people waiting to take photos with the Penang Street Art ever since it became so popular, so allow me to suggest you lol.

Oui, Ayano Ruban

I have introduced Oui, Ayano Ruban briefly last year, and this recent Japan trip i was invited to visit them again! Oui, Ayano Ruban is a fashion brand in Omotesando, Tokyo, which concept is “Grown-Up Princess”. As you can guess, everything is frilly, girly and oh so sweet. In February they had a special collaboration with […]… Continue reading

SK-II Cellumination Auractivator CC Cream worth RM822 Giveaway!

You might be the first to own the new product launched by SK-II, called the Cellumination Auractivator CC Cream, at the #ChangeDestiny Light Museum currently set up in KLCC Centre Courtn from 24th Feb to 2nd March. Find contest details below. Three winners will be selected. Continue readingContest: 1. Mention “Nicolekiss” at the entrance of SK-II #ChangeDestiny Light Museum in KLCC from 27th Feb – 2nd March. 2.

25022015 ♥

 Continue readingIt’s been awhile and this isn’t a good time for me but I miss all of you so much. I don’t think i should update something negative on my blog but I really need to talk to my blog and you. You know few years back I love to release my stress here or I just simply have to vent.

Albert Dock @ Liverpool

Continue readingThese pictures were taken while I was in United Kingdom. I bought lots of cheeky outfit cause I felt it was okay to spent a little money on new pieces lol. That being said, it’s not often you’ll see me in this kind of boyish outfit here on the blog, I used to be more feminine in Malaysia.

First Trimester Journey

6//12//2014Feel tired all the time!wake up super early actually after knowing this news i’m more of worried baby healthy how to be more careful this 3 months and not to tell much people about this till baby stable so im very kancheong did lotsa research on good gynae in SG how much is maternity package, but Thank God again hubby’s company can covered most of it if baby is delivery normally..this morning i called one of the women clinic nearby just to do my 1st check, the experience nurse is super professional she ask me all the details then she say it’s too early to visit the doctor and ask me to go next week when i’m in week 6 incase my dose of frolic acid from 1 to 2 yeah next week only we will our baby thru ultrasound!… Continue reading