KAREÖ 카레오, Hongdae 홍대

the no.1 Japanese curry shop in Seoul?

that must be Kareo! a restaurant that I frequent a lot in Hongdae. I am not quite a fan of most curry shops in Korea because they are normally too sweet or just.. too bland for my Malaysian taste buds. but what’s good about Kareo you ask?… Continue reading

Junya’s first date

(This was back in December, 2014 in Tokyo!) Junya was about to go on his first date! After the meet-up with Sayaka and Anna, we decided to meet again when Junya is finally here so that the two of them soulmates can meet for the first time. To cut the story short (long story is on […]… Continue reading

Clubbing in Korea 2015


since my old post was.. really old. here’s a new one! many like Vanguard and NB2 Gangnam closed down.. but don’t fret because there are still a handful more! clubs are mainly located at Hongdae, Gangnam and Itaewon.

NOTE : please bring your passports if you want to go to a bar/club in Korea because without it, you will be denied entry.… Continue reading


it was actually my second time to Yokohama, the place where all imports and exports in Japan started, a very historical place especially for the development and growth of Japan. the first time I merely explored the place as I only “dropped by” after visiting Kamakura which was amazingly beautiful. so for this Tokyo trip, I spent one whole day at Yokohama.… Continue reading

Labor, part deux

So here’s the story of my labor with Penny.  Way less dramatic than with Fighter but scary to me nonetheless hahaha.

Last week I was fully expecting to have a scheduled C section after my 36th week checkup.  Cos my BP was so far controlled by medicine only and we didn’t want to risk it further especially cos 37 weeks is considered full term already and IUGR babies have a higher risk the longer they’re inside.… Continue reading

Eat Tokyo With Baby (Part 2)

To continue from Part 1! This was back in December, 2014 during our stay in Tokyo. The danna had work most of first and second week so i braved myself to go out alone with Junya to catch up with some friends!   11. HARBS, Lumine Ikebukuro RinRin was the first person who came to meet […]… Continue reading

The castle in the sky– Takedajo, Hyogo

it’s supposed to look like this. and it’s often labelled as Japan’s Machu Picchu.

(picture from Google)

but for this view, you’ll need to get there by 5am (or come here in Autumn, Sept-Nov where the clouds will be surrounding the castle till.. later.). but it’s super dreadful for me to pull an all nighters so I decided to just go in the day.… Continue reading