The process of our renovation

So the last post I talked about my inspiration ideas for our home.

This post is gonna be about the process of our renovation! It’s a very long blog post cos I realized I’d never properly blogged about this besides snippets on Dayre.

Okay so the story is this.

We’d been staying in a very old apartment ever since before we got married and when I moved in with Fatty we didn’t change a thing.  The decorating was done previously by Fatty’s older brother who’s since moved to Singapore and I think the style is maybe skewed Balinese?… Continue reading

How to make sure your kids get enough vitamins


OK so guys I wanna ask you this – how are your kids with eating fruits and vegetables?


I started my kids on veggies and fruits really early on – like every other baby, pureed fruits and veggies were their first solids after all.  But today at age 4 and two, here’s their preference:  They both love broccoli and baby spinach and watercress and refuse everything else.  They are particularly suspicious of peas, carrots and beans and Fighter spat out his eggplant at dinner today.… Continue reading

[Seoul: Bukchon] Layered – Cake Cafe

DSC05371 copy

so right before leaving Korea, I went to one of the most amazing (and hip) cafe I’ve ever been to. unlike many other cafes’ that’s only pretty and ONLY instagram worthy, this place is a little different because not only is it great for instagram, it has one of the most delectable cakes in Seoul — baked FRESH.… Continue reading