#1 Tiramisu in Seoul?

so last month for le DongSaeng’s birthday, we headed to Brera, a shop in Beotigogae (near Itaewon) owned by a humble Italian man and food here’s said to be as original as it gets. I’ve never been to Italy and most of the Italian food I’ve had were all tweaked to adjust to the local’s taste.… Continue reading

My Best Travel Bag from LeSportsac ♥

Continue readingHello Hello My little Sweethearts♥ How are you today? What a great day and guess I’m working in this hour but I still can’t wait to publish this post and share with all of you. I guess most of you can read and get some hint from my previous Japan Trip post and this post’s title!

MizuCafe, Tokyo

To add on to the list of restaurants i have brought Junya to in Japan (read Part 1 and Part 2), i am writing about MIZUcafe in Harajuku, Tokyo, which is produced by Cleansui Japan. I have blogged about Cleansui before, which is a water filter series by Mitsubishi Rayon Japan i got for my house.… Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Chicken by Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love sweet and sour dishes? Growing up, sweet and sour pork used to be my absolute favourite dish. If I was asked by grandma what I wanted to have for dinner, I would always answer ‘ku lou yoke’. Even to this day, I still have a soft spot for sweet and sour dishes whenever we dine out at Chinese restaurants, simply because I find it really oily to deep fry at home.… Continue reading

my best meal in Hokkaido: Genghis Khan!

so when you go to Hokkaido, there’ll be a few things that the locals will tell you to eat. there’s of course the fresh and cheap(er) seafood, soup curry and…

Genghis Khan.

I kid you not. there’s this dish in Hokkaido literally called Genghis Khan. and it’s basically Lamb BBQ.

wait what?… Continue reading

Nagasaki with Junya (II)

This was on 2nd January, 2015, Nagasaki.   I have never ever thought that there would be someone reading my blog in Nagasaki. But there was. When i posted pictures of my journey on Instagram, a follower, Agnes left me a comment and invited me to drop by the little patisserie she was working at.… Continue reading

Happy Day

Today is such a happy day :) Mika turns 6 months old and well my mom turns forever young  ( she will kill me if I reveal her age ) haha joking, maybe not…..So, today we took Mika to the Sky Beach at the 35th floor and we wonder how would he react?… Continue reading

Family platter launch@ The Ballroom

Continue readingHello there! Surprised to see me back?Working life really have no mercy on me, I want my life back! Now all I do is sleep, watch series, work or is it work sleep, watch? lolI have been invited to join a family platter launch at The Ballroom last week! I was pretty excited because I went to their Blackbull outlet and was pretty impressed, no kidding!

April 2015 coordinate

Here are some of my recent OOTDs! Lately there are a lot of obsessions that define my styles for the past few months. The danna influenced me so much that sometimes half his wardrobe became mine lololol. Here are some of my heavy-rotation fashion must-haves!   1. Sneakers Coordinate 1 The only thing i keep […]… Continue reading


Hi guys! It’s middle of the night and I’m proud that I get to edit my video after coming back from The Script’s concert. I can only say that THE SCRIPT IS AMAZINGGGGGG! I’ve been listening to their music since idk when, and listening them live gives me chills. Each and every songs have so much feels I can’t even brain….Anyway, here’s an early April vlog before I head off to the big apple on Tuesday morning!FYI, before I end this post, here’s a little snippet on my mission to New York!… Continue reading