Our weapon against the haze and dengue


What’s wrong with this photo?

I took this photo just today.  The KL Tower which is actually smack in the middle of the sky is missing. Thanks a lot, haze. -_____-

The most essential household item right now in Malaysia is the air purifier.

I myself have two Sharp air purifiers at home already.… Continue reading


Well. I do keep waaaaay too much stuff in my home. Some of the items are too precious to throw away yet they are not really of any use to me anymore. Sometimes i just simply have too many of the similar items. Sometimes i accidentally bought two of the same things lolol.… Continue reading

1st week of Uni in Hitotsubashi.

notice: this post is only useful to foreign students who wish to go for an exchange in Japan. but if you’re bored you may read it to learn a little about the living expenses and MY EXPERIENCES! ^^.

okay, I have been.. quite 정신없어 (so hectic that I can’t concentrate..?) for the past one week because the first week of Uni’s just..… Continue reading


Never thought I’ll be going to tokyo this year but I did! All thanks to Shu Uemura Malaysia for inviting me to their new collaboration with Maison Kitsuné launch in Tokyo.Fyi,  I’m a huge fan of Maison Kitsuné so I was super excited when I know about their collaboration with Shu Uemura.… Continue reading

Tokyo Life (Autumn 2015)

Family trip to Tokyo again!!! TRAVEL This time around we have a special guest staying with us for the first week! Actually special guest means my new baby sitter + personal hair stylist lolol. No la. Amy came to Tokyo for Number76’s study holiday. She’s gonna come back with new hair witchcraft that’s gonna create […]… Continue reading

Honey, I mustard mit I French Cheese (fancy) you.

(omg my title pun so bad HAHAHAAH)

Hello! True blue red and yellow McDonald’s fan here.

No matter what their detractors say, I will always be loyal to you McDonald’s!!! Hahaha.

McDonald’s has been one of my favorite restaurants ever since I was a kid and celebrating my birthdays there.  And I always stick to the same two menu items – Chicken McNuggets and Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.… Continue reading

Was Coco Chanel a feminist?

Well, she didn’t burn bras if that’s what you were thinking.


I got this book from Selfridge’s when we were in London.

While I like Chanel, by no means am I the biggest fan and I don’t know anything about Coco Chanel besides that she hooked up with a Nazi during World War 2.… Continue reading

Digi WWWOW Awards is back!

Hey Peeps ♥ It’s something diff and guess what am I doing now?!! Just randomly scrolling my social media platform and have been looking at the Digi WWWOW Awards official website @www.wwwow.my… Continue reading OH MY GOD! Finally this Digi WWWOW is back this year. Fyi, it’s actually a Malaysia’s only Internet for All Awards that based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others. It’s all about inspiration and this was one of the reason why am I here.

Laptop or tablet or ….

It’s a tough choice when it comes to gadgets. You want a notebook for work, yet you want a tablet to bring it everywhere. Oh, you also want a display so you could watch the new episodes of Empire or a tent to Skype with your best friend from another part of the world.… Continue reading