Eat Tokyo Spring 2014

Food post again The usual, you know la, don’t read while hungry and all that. After pasting all these photos i also felt hungry myself lol. Here are the noms we had in Japan. Yakiniku and sushi took 90% of my tummy space lol. #1 Fav burger at 76 CAFE Omotesando.… Continue reading

花見days in Japan

Oh Japan, I’m back for more than a week but I still miss those cherry blossom days! I am so so so glad that we are lucky enough to pick the right time to go Japan where the cherry blossom blooms. I’m not sure whether I mention about me having a thing with Sakura (cherry blossom) since young.… Continue reading

Clinique Even Better Essence Lotion

The weather has been terrible for the past month, with the haze, less or sometimes no rain at all :( and now water rationing may end only at the end of the year?! I hate this dry month. I wish it ends faster as my skin is now more dry than usual :( And you know, face is very important for me when Im out and about as dry skins makes me age faster and being in the late 20s is not helping!!!… Continue reading

I miss you

I miss my blog, updating my instagram and rants on Facebook! But I’ll be back real soon :) I am slowly recovering :) Thank you for your private messages to everyone who message me asking me if I’m doing ok when they noticed that I haven’t been blogging or instagramming :) Love you! Like I said, Ill be back soon :)Happy Monday :)… Continue reading

Softree vs. Sweetruck

there’s always something new in Korea.


but I just have to tell you about this glorious invention



no, the ice cream itself isn’t made out of honey but it is more like milk ice cream topped with honey/a small comb of honey.

ever since the birth of Softree, there are many “similar” knockoffs.… Continue reading

My Unforgettable Internship Story, experience, Lesson learned (Part 2)

Continue readingHey Hey Hey Hey♥ I’m shocked you know what it’s really a true story of me but at the same time I realized somehow someone some of you actually experienced the same things too. Wtf?! But selling credit card? That was crazy but I’m really touch that some of you actually inbox message telling me that you love me sharing and blogging for something relate more on my personal life.

Solarvest Turning Sunlight Into Investment @Atlantic Blue

Advertorial:I am not sure whether you realize that sunlight is pretty useful to us, especially nowadays you can even turn sunlight into investment through Solarvest. Speaking about Solarvest, it is basically a solar power investment company that provides the best value in Malaysia. It is recognized as Malaysia’s Northern Region residential market leader in Solar PV system installation. In 2013, Solarvest has installed over 10% of 2000+ residential solar power projects in the country.… Continue reading

Pregnant Mom Get-together!

Preggo mamas need friends! I’m inviting those of you who are pregnant too to come for a sharing session with me! Okay, more on that later. Anyway, i realized i haven’t updated much on baby news! I have never been busier after coming back from Japan. There’s a whole month worth of work to catch […]… Continue reading

170414 – Love thoughts.

Continue readingMidnight thoughts strikes again, I just wrote something on my facebook page :” 不要隨便說愛 愛 這東西是需要時間慢慢發現的 一見鍾情甚麼的 那是你愛上了你腦裡幻想的他 是不真實的 愛 是愛上他的好 同時接受不同版本的他 接受他的不完美 if it’s not one and only, it’s not love, it’s loneliness. ” This is prolly a longer version of this, in english loll. Anyway I was talking with a friend about love, sort of. Well, as I grew up, I sort of thought about Love.