Another 5 days to 6 month

Continue readingour pride and joy is going to be 6 month in another 5 days! this half a year are amazing! up and downs with so much fun watching her grow and learning things so fast make us worry we might be missing days of her when her baby’ish, she was less mobile and depend on us ..well i guess there’s what parents come acrossjust prayed that you grow well in God’s path and words..stay happy and continue bring joy to people around us

Babies fighting over toys

New video ahead!

Sorry I’m making more videos than blog posts lately, but I’m sort of addicted to videos right now!  They’re so much fun to make and it’s a whole new challenge from blogging which I’ve been doing for.. *gasp* eleven years now.

So bear with me. 😀

This video is a compilation of some of the fights Fighter and Penny have had recently.  … Continue reading

The Song of Comfort

If you haven’t heard, Fighter has released a music video.

Hahahaha I wish! Then I can retire and live on royalties.

So what happened is that Huggies asked us to send them a clip of Fighter laughing.  Because babies’ laughter is arguably the sweetest, most precious sound in the world (that is, unless you hear it in the dead of the night when you think you’re all alone wtf).… Continue reading

Five easy elegant ways to decorate for Chinese New Year

It’s two weeks before Chinese New Year.  

Visit an aunt’s house and you’ll more likely than not see sprigs of pussy willow in blue and white porcelain vases, sprays of red firecrackers hanging from the ceiling, red packets strung on potted plants, and round Chinese lanterns by the front door.  


And let’s not forget the ubiquitous Fu word plastered on a wall somewhere.… Continue reading

Tohoku Omiyage

I’m back from Japan!!! With lots of Omiyage! <3 I went to 3 prefectures this time in Tohoku, so here are all the specialty for each prefecture, hopefully it will serve as a guide for souvenir shopping when you go to Tohoku in the future. ^^ I would have bought a lot moreeeeee if i […]… Continue reading

25012016 | BirkenStock & Rocku Buffet Dinner

Continue readingHello Sweeties! Good night :p Sorry for the late update but just feel like talking to all  of you and this the reason why I’m here. AHAHAHA Just some random personal daily post about my life recently. It took me around 1-2 weeks to eat normally after I tighten my braces and finally I can eat soft food , rice , noodles and maybe meat!

Sleep Training

i dayre about this last week and today marked 12 days of our sleep training another 2 days we will be on our own without the sleep consultant!actually i was against it when Chloe was 3 months read this… Continue reading i thought we should give whatever the baby wants because she need it secure, love, hugsecure as it nurse to sleep, love from co-sleeping, hug from carry her all the timebut when she grow older i realise it might not be the way if we never teach her to be independent she will never learn how toand the main reason of not training her at that time was laziness..and i dont know how to do it correctly i don’t want to put her in any risk perhaps we did put her in a risk – SIDS.

What we really do every day

So if you think the life of a blogger is interesting, think again wtf.

Here’s the lowdown of what really happens every day.  My previous vlogs have all been sort of focused on key things that happen in a day so I decided to take one day and film the boring, unappealing bits.  … Continue reading