How Instagram Story Helps Me Lie

I never quite got people who are addicted to Snapchat because I thought it was quite a rubbish app (either it really is or I’m getting too old for social media lol). First of all it is impossible to navigate and secondly, it is all made of snippets that’s not qualified to make it to […]… Continue reading

CATS Cafe @JB | Cats At Their Sanctuary

Continue readingHey my little sweethearts ♥ Any cat lover here? If you are then you must be really happy right now because I found another cat heaven @JB. Yes, it’s JB!! I’m really surprise on this because we never plan this at all. My friend and I were waiting for our friend to pick us up at the JB bus station then we decided to go for a nearer cafe instead of waiting at the bus station (because the bus station was kinda scary idk why) So we just google it and we found this!

Fighter’s favorite song

No prizes for guessing what Fighter’s favorite song is.

It’s Hey Jude hahahaha. When I went for the Beatles Let It Be musical, I bought the West End recording CD and put it in my car. Fighter remembers Hey Jude from the early days when I’d sing it to him while rocking so he wanted to listen to it in the car.… Continue reading

6 Genius Way To Save Money For Vacation

Continue readingHow to save enough money to travel 3 months? I was inspired by a blogger, Kate. I’ve planned this over a year, my aim was to save 20k which including my living expenses, transportation and foods. I mainly budgeted my airfare around 3k-4k, travel insurance RM500, passport renewal RM200, and anything left over in my account those are my living expenses. I was told that 20k is never enough to survive in UK.


I blogged about Goodsania last year, a shopping site selling Japanese household items that make home living more convenient and enjoyable! This time I did more shopping on the site, since my whole life is pretty much about cleaning/cooking/laundry now. Here are some of the items I got! Hahaha super aunty.… Continue reading

Just Breathe

Inhale. Exhale.Now, think about what type of air you just breathed in? Ever wonder how good the air condition is in your home? Lucky for me, I can now check it with the help of the Dyson Pure Cool Link.Continue readingGrowing up in Taiping in the 80s and 90s was one of the best because we had clear, good, non polluted air.

Ringer Hut – Nagasaki Champon

(This is about the noodle from Kyushu, not the Shiba in our house.) I rarely do restaurant reviews but today I want to introduce a fast-food chain called Ringer Hut in Japan, which specializes in Nagasaki Champon. The danna would crave for Ringer Hut every now and then when we are back to Japan.… Continue reading

Gucci Flora Anniversary Edition Review

Following my review of Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche, which has proven to be one of my favourite go-to casual scent of all time, I am now reviewing the Gucci Flora Anniversary Edition.Gucci Flora anniversary editionContinue readingWith the similar floral packaging design iconic to the Gucci Flora scents, the fragrance is specially curated to mark the 50th anniversary of the pattern.The core of the scent is strong with Osmanthus and Rose essence with a musky end.

How I Wean Off My Toddler

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how I wean off Mika, so here’s my story :) Continue readingOnce he reached his one year old birthday, I told myself and gave myself a pat at the back.I’ve done a great job breastfeeding Mika.Now it’s time for me to relax and let formula takes it course. Well, that was what I thought. Just switch to formula.