Traveling to Seoul with a one year old

It was madness.Mika just turned one and we decided to bring him to Seoul, Korea during Autumn, which I’ve never experience this season before. I’ve never even been to a country during Autumn or Winter. Yes, I’ve never touch snow before as I am more of a beach bum kinda person.To be honest, I wasn’t completely geared up for this trip as I was busy with work, Su Anne’s wedding and taking care of the baby.… Continue reading

CiUM: the first kissing lip balm

Just before our trip to Japan, i received two sets of lip balm from CiUM! CiUM is a born-in-Malaysia lip balm, so you can see that some of their flavors indeed have a local touch! I gave the danna “Sambal” because he loves Malaysian spicy food! Junya’s favorite is Meeko, which smells of rich cocoa.… Continue reading

Garfield, our travel guardian.

Junya looooves cat, so naturally he is also a big fan of all feline characters, including Hello Kitty and Garfield. Hello Kitty is probably a little too feminine for him so i’ll let him have more Garfield stuff… Baby lunch QiuQiu and i made together for Junya and Meredith.   And then… Look what came […]… Continue reading

Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion

It’s been a little while since I did a beauty post, so yeah I thought it was time to back to my blog. To be honest, I am not expert in doing make up and I am terrible in research. So normally my girls will tell me which is worth buying and I will give it a thought lolll, power of word of mouth.Until I recently spotted a few bloggers posting about Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion, I was amazed and I went to get one too, oops $$$$$. Continue readingEnna UV Mist Silk CushionI wouldn’t say Korea’s product is the best, but so far I am using Laneige from Korea (skin care) and Enna UV Mist Silk Cushion which suits me just fine.

Things my kid says #3

Fighter (drinking from his water bottle filled with diluted Ribena): “Jude drink wine.”

Penny is sitting in her walker and apparently Fighter wants to sit in it instead.

Fighter: Mommy. Mommy. Carry baby.

I pick Penny up from her walker and put her on my lap.

Fighter climbs in himself.

Fighter: “Baby sit mommy lap.”


When Fighter is sleepy, he loses his balance HAHAHA.… Continue reading

Mc Japan!

What is better than McDonald’s when you are actually craving for McDonald’s? Well, McDonald’s that’s everything Japan-themed!!! Time for a taste of Japan. In McDonald’s. As you may have known already, McDonald’s is introducing their ever loved legendary Samurai Burger and Shogun Burger, this time alongside the powerful sidekicks… Seaweed Shaker at RM1, and Taro […]… Continue reading

Keeping Mum II

So we are having a baby! Again!! (First time here.) I knew i wanted to have a second one soon after Junya was born. Maybe like 2 minutes after lol. It was like, well, that was a breeze!! (The whole pregnancy and delivery) I can do this again! Like now! Like i have just won […]… Continue reading

Queensland photolog.

Continue readingIf there’s one thing you’re saving your money for, I hope that’s to travel and make great memories. I’ve once read a quote/article online, saying that you might regret spending money on unnecessary stuff, but you will never regret spending it on travelling, going places you have never been to.This time, Daphne, Ashley, Natalie, Ben and I manage to get our asses of to Queensland, courtesy of AirAsia X and Queensland Tourism for making it happen! Remember I blogged about my 2015 resolutions and one of them is to sky dive?