Straight like that.

Sleek straight hair is one of the most effortless fashionable hairstyle you can ever achieveP { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { }. It brings out the edge and attitude easily which explains why pin straight hair is one of the favourite hair style for fashion week. It goes really well with nude or statement make up, my favourite will be straight hair, red lips.… Continue reading

Making Godiva Chocolate

Chocolates have been the kryptonite for women throughout the centuries that songs and poetries have been sang for them, movies made, games crated and war raged.Heck, this blog was first named after chocolate due to my obsession with chocolates back in the days.Thankfully I’ve grown out of that obsession, else I would be the size of my house by now.… Continue reading

Divana Massage & Spa, Bangkok

No where offers better massages than Bangkok does, You can’t step foot onto Thailand and not receive a massage, it’s blasphemy, in fact, you can’t even if you try. They’re everywhere; on the beach, in the small alley, in your hotel, next to your hostel, in the malls, on an island, in your room (personal masseuse service), and they come in all price range, from the ultra budget to the extremely luxurious.Divana is one of the most awarded spa centres and franchise in Bangkok and the whole of Thailand.… Continue reading

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?


Took Fighter to get his MMR jab today!

Okay so this is a topic I’ve been fairly obsessed about (until some of my mom friends got a bit scared wtf).  And that topic is vaccines.

It all started some time ago when somebody left an online comment warning me about vaccinations and autism.… Continue reading

inhale more sharply

I am one of the very lucky ones who didn’t get hit by the dreaded pre/postnatal blues. Since i got pregnant until Junya is almost 3 months old now, i probably had only stressed over a few things, one is insufficient milk supply in the beginning, secondly clogged milk ducts (one of the most painful things i’ve experienced T___T).… Continue reading

Open Your City

I’m not an at-home type of person, I love going out and getting inspired by people, music, and the environment, which explains why I’m definitely a city girl. My biggest dream could possibly be travelling to cities around the world. Okay, maybe I should start with the six cities that made it on to Heineken’s new limited edition bottles, London, New York, Shanghai, Berlin, Amsterdam and our very own Kuala Lumpur (okay so it’s 5 more to go)!… Continue reading

JRunway Sep 2014

Some of JRunway’s latest! Some new brands are added into their online store, like WEGO and X-girl. New accessories are also added!   Some of the latest new arrival: Denim, border and more denim! So casual and totally love the styles. This denim skirt is from WEGO, at only S$29, super affordable.… Continue reading

Carousell Meet-Up Party @ Kuala Lumpur

Continue readingLying on my bed + blogging at the same time due to my stupid FMP :’( But still at least there are something for me to think about and hope I can recover from it as soon as possible. So today’s gonna talk about something suitable for all of us! It’s an application and yesterday was having a meet up party with the founder of the app.

Awesome & Massive Giveaway | Chanwon ♥

Continue readingHello all my Sweeties♥ Promised you since last month about this giveaway so FINALLY I’m here. Sorry that it took me a long time to do this because my room was quite messy with lots of product and things I purchased for you all. So I was like wait wait wait because I’m quite lazy plus my sensitive nose really make me feel super suffer :’( But anyway!!!

number76 Starhill Gallery!

Read blog post on the opening of number76 Bangsar 1 and number76 Bangsar 2. So number76 has just launched its latest branch in KL center, Starhill Gallery. While Bangsar 1 is all warm and cosy, Bangsar 2 is more towards raw, rustic chic. The latest Starhill Gallery branch is all about indulgence and luxury!… Continue reading