Birthday Staycation: Sofitel So Bangkok

We choose Sofitel So Bangkok for my birthday staycationnormally we don’t really care what hotel we stay in BKK coz all i wanna focus is shop and shop and more shopping so i would rather option on clean boutique hotel since i will spend most my time outside but this year is different i think is probably sign of aging when come to travel we wish it to be relax and out of so many luxury hotel in BKK Sofitel So Bangkok seems to be the best choice Continue readingwaiting to check in in the hobby the Hotel is nicely designed with awesome servicesyou will be greeted at the lobby and asked to sit while they will do all the procedure for check inwith welcome mocktailone of the main reason we choose this Hotel because its themed accommodation created around the Five Elements – Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Launch

I guess most of you have already read about my straight hair confession. Today is all about Sunsilk Perfect Straight launch @ Aloft, happened on the last week of September! Yes, good things always happens in September heh :P My blogger girlfriends and I were invited to join the excitement, courtesy of Nuffnang & Churp Churp.… Continue reading

Baby Bloomer: 23 Oct 2014

Actual age: 14 months 11 days
Adjusted age: 12 months 11 days

Ok time to update Fighter’s growth again!

First time wearing a dress (and probably last)



Not too happy about it if you can see hahahaha.

A friend had an animal themed birthday party for her son and I remembered Fighter received this Kumamon onesie from Cheesie for his birthday.  … Continue reading

What to do in Macau.

Continue readingMacau is one of the most beautiful place I ever been, especially at night where the city lights are on. I remember the last time I’ve been to Macau was a year ago, on July. Okay, so here’s a list of things to do in Macau if you’re planning to go there ( I’ve been there three times but I missed some :/) Take pictures in Venetian Macau.

Remicone @ Sinsa

HELLO MY DEAR READERS! I know it have been very long. I am still surviving. just done with my exams and I am here to introduce you a popular ice cream store in Seoul located at the “Paris” of Seoul; Garuso-gil, Sinsa-dong.

turn into the alley next to L’Occitane and you’d eventually find this unique ice cream store called REMICONE.… Continue reading


Wah so long haven’t updated properly!

Ok the reason is because… I made a last ditch attempt at freedom and went to Nagoya for a short trip!

Last ditch because after this bogged down with two kids under 2 I dunno if I will ever get out of lockdown. O_O

So when Bobo asked if I wanted to be her plus one on her work trip to Nagoya I was obviously like TAKE ALL MY MONEY.… Continue reading

October updates.

I’ve been so busy these days, I can’t believe it’s already the 3rd week of October! I thought I just celebrated my birthday but it was already a month ago :( Anyway, my October is been great, been cooking with something big and hopefully I can get to announce this secret project before 2014 ends.Anyway, here’s some pictures taken in this October!… Continue reading

I am so blessed :)

Hello everyone! I am writing this in the hospital :) with 3/4 cm dilated! heheh, just wanna update you all that I am fine and can’t wait to meet my son! I actually check in to induce, but God is so amazing that I don’t have too now! ( if induce, contractions are more painful ) I will write a full story blog post soon when I slowly recover :) Cant wait to share my experience of giving birth naturally, hopefully no emergency etc! Today I sempat go wash and blow my hair at the saloon cos I won’t be able to wash it for quite some time.… Continue reading

Neon Party @ Room Auto City

Advertorial:Continue readingYes people I am back in Malaysia, touched down about 3 weeks ago. So far everything is fine, but sometimes I still miss UK so much! To be honest, I would give up anything just to go back, because that’s the happiest moment in my life and also a life changing experience, which the experience aboard had changed my beliefs and value.So let’s keep my thoughts for the next post and back to topic lol.

New hair with number76!

So i had been wanting a hair makeover for a long time! Finally mom was here to take care of Junya so i had a few hours to spare for some mane-tenance lol. This was before! I have had dark hair mid-way through pregnancy for easy maintenance since i reckoned i wouldn’t have much time after the […]… Continue reading