Ultimate guide: 5 things to do in Bali

Continue readingStaring a travel plan can seem totally overwhelming, as in the cost for your transportation, the distance between the airport to hotel, or to travel from one place to another. Things can go wrong anytime you travel, so make sure you do your homework. For me, it is a rewarding experience to plan your trip on your own loll.

[Seoul: Sangsu/Hongdae] Gyeongju Sikdang 경주�당


Seoul’s trendy restaurants are slowly taking over instagram, and one of them where many famous Korean instagrammers frequent is this one; Gyeongju Sikdang, which means Gyeongju restaurant. Gyeongju, being the Kyoto of Korea, or in other words, the ancient city, I was expecting the food here to be as traditional as possible, but it was actually very much improvised!… Continue reading

I SEEN the light

So the past couple of days have been quite chilling wtf.  The mornings to be exact.

Cos every morning when I wake up, my right eye would be completely blurry.  The first time it happened, I freaked out.  It was as if there was a pale yellow film over my right eye, blurring everything out.… Continue reading


I blogged about #lunchforjunya since he started solid, and I think it is time for #lunchforsakura! To be honest, when Sakura was approaching 6 months old, I was dreading to start solid with her. I mean, nursing was a breeze. All I need is a pair of boobs. No cooking utensils, baby meal sets, food […]… Continue reading

[Seoul TIPS] Biking in Seoul


transportation in Seoul is probably one of the best in the world. it’s fast, affordable and easy. however, as a traveller, you may want to explore the narrower alleys and places trains and buses can’t reach and travel like a local. Seoul recently came up with the most brilliant idea, and that is to bike around in Seoul!… Continue reading


Today I will be introducing one of the most luxurious and premium skin care ranges you will ever come across, and it is none other than THE GINZA COSMETICS, the highest skin care line by Shiseido. You might or might not heard of it before, and it is so exclusive that it is available only […]… Continue reading

Eat Tokyo Winter 2016

Here’s a yummy post! Things we ate last December: Ichigo Binge Ichigo. I basically binged on Ichigo every day until cannot. Because once we get back to Singapore, everything would be 3 times the price XD. Usually at the ichigo section in supermarket they also sell condensed milk (in a tube) and recently a new […]… Continue reading

Soft Snug Hot Slimming Pants

One of my new year resolutions for this year is to start exercising, particularly swimming since I will probably pass out running under the sun, but judging how I don’t even have time for floss properly, I didn’t include it into the resolution list in case I fail myself lol. But I’d still like to […]… Continue reading

[HK: Central] Little Bao

Smith & Sons copy

opened for around 2 years now, Little Bao’s popularity doesn’t seem to wear off a lot. the queues still around 30minutes on a Friday (late) evening and I was a little angry at how the people who came AFTER us got served first. T_T. but I’ve always wanted to try Little Bao ever since..… Continue reading

Day Out in Sydney City

Every once in a while, we like to go to the city just to be tourists for the day. We used to do it a lot more often before we had 2 kids, but now that Little K is a little bigger, we thought we should attempt to do it more.… Continue reading