Ailshan, Taiwan

The blog started out as a travel blog 11 years ago to document my travels. 6 years down the road I took a step back from travelling to focus on other aspects of my life.Now and then I do come back here and thought about my younger days.I still have plenty of travel experience I never share and photos of places I never got the chance to upload.So every now and then I do want to throw in a throwback post such as this.My Alishan trip in Taiwan.… Continue reading

All that glitters is gold

2015-05-18 12.23.09 1

Got a gold bar dropped off at my house the other day. #nobigdeal

Hahaha obviously it’s not a real gold bar!  But what do you think is inside?  Very unexpected one.

2015-05-18 12.23.13 1A gold toothbrush!  (not for brushing gold teeth)

2015-05-18 12.23.10 1

It’s the new Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal toothbrush!

Gold because it’s the “Gold Standard in Whole Mouth Cleaning”

2015-05-18 12.23.12 1

Thank you Colgate for giving me the pink version hahaha how you knowwww.… Continue reading

How I healed my Period Cramps by using Nefful Products

*DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTORIALOhai all!Today I would like to share this very useful and effective product that I am using for some time now- NEFFUL.Continue readingNEFFUL is a Japanese-based company that produces negative ions clothings that is beneficial to our health. Now, it is widely known around the globe that heals illness from the most minor ones like flu and dizziness to majors ones like even cancer.

Junya’s first education

The danna and i have quite different views on education when it comes to raising a child together. I studied hard (half voluntary half reluctant) and got straight As throughout my student life (paiseh to boast like this but really wan), graduated from a local uni, never even stepped my foot in the corporate world, ever, and […]… Continue reading

Chanwon Travel In Japan : #5 Sakura Blossom, Haircut , Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ)

Continue readingMoshi Moshi!! Time to catch up my Japan Trip #5 post and it’s same interesting with the previous one! Please don’t kill me after reading my post because I guess end up you will be interested in getting a new haircut in Japan , looking for the hanami and also a favourite place for you to shop til die~ It’s Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ) which selling tons of beauty products and something you can just die for!!

Nagasaki with Junya (III)

To continue from the previous post on Unzen, Nagasaki! So the danna, Jiji, JunJun and i was on a family trip to Unzen, a place famous for its hotspring (and the volcano) in Nagasaki. And we stayed at one of the traditional Ryokan. I looooooove Tatami. AND!!! Private onsen. There was an outdoor onsen bath connected […]… Continue reading


So recently I’ve been into doing twinning outfits for Fighter and Penny.  By that I mean coming up with outfit themes and matching pieces for them to wear.  And then doing mini photoshoots. :D

It’s been so much fun!  Now I realize the full potential of fun of having babies of both genders wtf.… Continue reading

Brunch at Underground Société

Ever since i had Junya, eating out has become an occasional luxury instead of an everyday affair. I am also more selective of the eating places we go. Is it child-friendly? How is the hygiene level? Is parking easy? Comfortably spacious and non smoking? … etc etc. Taste alone is no longer the sole deciding […]… Continue reading