Oral care for baby and kids!

So when Junya’s first teeth sprouted out, I was so excited like I just uncovered gems in a forgotten treasure box. But the danna was like, “buy baby toothpaste, now.” And he was dead serious about it. He had tooth decay at young age and had lots of his teeth replaced, so he doesn’t want […]… Continue reading

The Tiahs X Hello Kitty Town X Legoland

So about two months ago (yalah yalah very late la wtf) we took a family trip to Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town and Legoland in Puteri Harbour.  Big group of us cos it was our family, helper, my parents, and the Chiams!

It was a really good trip!

Feels like it was all pros and no cons hahahaha lemme list em out for you.… Continue reading

Fuji Safari Park

Have you ever wished you can drive in the comfort of your own car and say hello to free-roaming wild animals in close proximity? Fuji Safari Park lets you do just that. I love the zoos and Junya even more so, so I try to bring him to see all the animals.… Continue reading

How to stay in Bali’s luxury hotel for less

Continue readingI will come right out and say it, I love to stay in a luxury hotel. But what I dont have is enough funds, so I always looking for ways to save. Generally, there are 3 ways to ethically do this.1. Research2. Aviation of the best offers3. By leveraging hotel loyalty programmeAs someone who love to travel around, as well as being a travel blogger, I make a good research hahaha!This was my first time traveled to Indonesia, Bali.