Mother Farm, Chiba

This was on 11 June, Junya’s first birthday! We didn’t have any birthday celebration for him but we did plan to go somewhere nice where Junya gets to enjoy too, just the 3 of us. Mama & bb coordinate ❤︎ JunJun is wearing his 1-year-old baby Montsuki, a formal kimono for this special occasion!… Continue reading

Toshiba: Torneo Vacuum Cleaner

Since i am mostly domesticated nowadays, i need to be an expert in many household related knowledge, such as mold prevention, durability of non-stick pans, the challenge of sustainable gardening, and … if a vacuum cleaner really sucks. The latest addition in the house: Toshiba Torneo with a Dual Tornado System.… Continue reading

Face Reading

For all females, beauty is everything. Everyone wants to be beautiful, now even some males wants to look good ( ok, maybe more than some:P ) They said beautiful people tends to be more lucky, they get promoted faster, higher paychecks as the Eastern believes that beauty is one of the factor to success.… Continue reading

Papa’s birthday party and hair dates

I love June and July because many of my favorite people’s birthdays are on these two months! There’s JunJun in June (yea that’s partly why i gave him the name lol) and the danna in July. This year the only present i had for him is his lunchbox. Getting more and more cheapskate every year lolol.… Continue reading

House Tour

We moved in to our own rented hdb for 3 months already!Cost a bomb for us but its all worthy for our little family to grow.. since we still have long way to go in order to get our own house in Singapore..but who know where we ended up after 3 years..always amaze with how God lead us..hubby in second company in Singapore which gives him a better career prospects, i’m not a career women as long as he is happy im wiling to follow wherever he decide to pursue his career even if he finally decide to go back to KL helping up family long as we are together..back to the topic so this is our humble little house in Singaland for at least 2 yearsliving room..i like the brightness and touch of vintage of the old windows no we don’t have curtain since the sunlight is just nice and why waste money..since only 2 house sharing one lift so not much people pass by our corridor so we have enough privacyonly sofa is from the landlord we have to buy our TV, console, and my anniversary gift from hubby ‘future nursing chair’ (ya i know its not the proper one but i love the design)Continue readingDinning area which is my favourite corner of allgot the dining chair shipped from taobao in very affordable price reuse my previous computer desk as dinning table..

maNara, a touching story about cosmetic

Today i want to introduce a new cosmetic/skin care brand that i come to love very much recently. But before that i want to share some stories! So during my family trip in Japan, Tokyo Luxey insisted i meet up with this brand called maNara because they think i will like the products.… Continue reading

The meaning of Itadakimasu

Many of us love Japanese food. If you are a little familiar with Japanese culture, you may have noticed that Japanese people say “Itadakimasu” before they start eating at the table. You put both your hands together and with a slight bow, you say Itadakimasu, and then pick up the chopsticks and start eating.… Continue reading