Do you even care to say thank you?

Continue reading(George St. Sydney) Today I was having sushi dinner with Daphne and heard her saying “thank you” after the waiter served our food. I told her :” Daphne, luckily you are one of those people who says ‘thank you’ cuz nowadays many people forgets about thanking people.” (I felt that I’m really an observer, I love observing people, how they act, their gesture, stuff like that…

Shopping with Rakuten!

Continue readingI have always have a love-hate relationship with online shopping. I hate how sometimes I get conned with the pictures online and getting bad quality products. I guess there’s many of you who felt the same way and sometimes you just want to give up online shopping but then, you can’t cuz for me, I really love how we can get rare stuff online.

worthy book worthy deals

Continue readingwell well hello there! It’s been awhile since a blogged any read-worthy posts hahaha forgive all my rantings before because I am back!!!No, I haven’t been hiding and crying but had absolutely nothing to blog about, you know, the usualand and and too lazy to actually dress up and make up myself lol sometimes I just can’t believe myselfI know right?

Kinkakuji, The Golden Pavilion of Kyoto

there are so much I’ve heard about this place. while most say it’s spectacular some commented that it’s far too over-rated. but being already here in Kyoto, I had to check it out right?

IMG_5323 copy

Kinkakuji was one of the first tourist attraction I’ve visited in Kyoto and I was already taken aback by the beautiful landscape outside the attraction.… Continue reading


So…. I guess you watched the video me and Daphne did when we was in Sydney!If you haven watch it yet, here is it (with chinese subs too all thanks to Daphne lol) :   Okay, it was pretty random how we got this idea. We were chilling at coffee place in bangsar and we started asking each other questions on random stuff.… Continue reading

Postnatal Coordinate

First coordinate collection after pregnancy! (Preggo coordinate post 1, 2, 3) Prenatal  Week 39 This was the last pregnancy coordinate, a day before i delivered. Now that i think about it, the whole pregnancy was just like a blink of an eye, the most part of it seems like a fuzz now and i feel like […]… Continue reading

Mayfair Lady



Did you know there’s a newly opened Beauty Hall in Pavilion!? My mother’s dream come true hahahaha she really likes facials fyi.

I went through those gilded doors…



Wow.  This is like Hogwarts.  But for beauty salons.



Instead of Gryffindor, I went to Mayfair. Lolol.

Mayfair is a beauty salon specializing in beauty, slimming and spa services.  … Continue reading

JRunway Online Shop

Two years ago i was at Singapore for JRunway’s store opening, it is so exciting finally Japanese brands i like are available to more people! But at the same time i was also a little sad because there’s still nothing like that in Malaysia   Anyway, it is about time!!! JRunway has been planning to […]… Continue reading

Why being a mom splits you into two


So we have been away for 3 days now.

It’s not that I haven’t left before – we did go to Tokyo for a few days and I went to Bangkok for a weekend too.  But nothing this far!!!

Originally we planned on bringing Fighter with us one, hence the two week trip.  … Continue reading


Continue readingHello Sweetie T.T I don’t know whether I should feel happy or sad now. But I just feel I’m so blur & stupid recently. Suppose I have 1 event need to attend at this afternoon then before that this morning I brought my friends to ME Clinic for some consultation and I wanna make appointment on my next facial + my mom double eyelid procedure.