The Japan Professional Deodorant QB

The weather has been so crazy hot recently, or is it just me? After giving birth, I have been staying home a lot to take care of one toddler and one baby, and even though the aircon is on, I feel like I am constantly trapped inside a sauna! I really cannot imagine other mommies who […]… Continue reading

The First Few Days of Little K

I can’t believe it has taken me 4 months to post this. Yes, my precious Little K has just turned 4 months a few days ago and I thought I should post some of his newborn photos, you know, before he turns into a teenager. LOL. I’m proud to say that Little K has, just like his brother, come out on his due date!… Continue reading

5 Inspirations To Live Healthy

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To be 100 per cent healthy is not just about exercising your body. To be a completely healthy person you need to look after yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. The speed and quality of life that we all have to cope with is often not easy. Many people are just trying to survive rather than truly flourish.

My first book!

I have already announced it on my social media but here it is again! My first book titled “How I Make A Living Blogging” is out! I have not mentioned anything about this until it is actually out in the bookshelves, because I didn’t believe that it would actually happen! A million thanks to MPH, […]… Continue reading

Modern Parenthood

Home is not a place, it’s a feelingand it is one of the best feeling, you feel safe and warm  when you are home. To make it better, a clean home is a must, especially even more so when Mika came into our lives. My husband and I always wants the best for him.… Continue reading