Yachting off Pula City

Day 3 of Istria!  We went yachting!!!

I have to say the itinerary was amazingly planned by the guys at Tourism Istria.  They basically got to know us via our social media channels (not as creepy as it sounds please hahaha), guessed at our personalities and preferences, and came up with this kick butt holiday itinerary for us which is basically everything we like – beautiful places, great food, a lot of opportunities to take pics wtf and a lot of relaxed fun, and even some shopping.… Continue reading

Shoploooh Grand Opening @Batu Pahat

Continue readingHello Sweeties! Welcome back to my blog and today I’m going to share about an event that I went few days ago. Although it’s quite far from where I stay but it’s totally worth it. Why because it’s one of my favourite online shop ever. For those who followed me for quite a long time you probably saw their name on most of my instagram and facebook tag. Yes, it’s been 3 years since the first time I shared and tagged them on my social media platform.

Dream big, princess

To my darling baby girl Penelope,

Hello princess. :)

Today you are 16 months old.  You can walk and even run after your Koko now.  You’re doing a pretty amazing job at feeding yourself, and you’re even trying to talk!  You can say so many words like “Ta Ku” (thank you), “Ma meh” (mommy), “Haaaayo”, (hello), “Yaaaaaa ngh” (yam seng), “hawa” (flower), “cuckoo” (clock) and you communicate non verbally beautifully.… Continue reading

【Tips & Tricks】: UK travel visa and flight

Continue readingI recently returned from a 3 months trip to the United Kingdom and Europe. So I would like to share my travel tips, and I thought you might find them useful. I have traveled to 8 countries before this, but I haven’t satisfy my thirst for travel. So I get my first job just like everybody else does after my graduation. I worked very hard until I managed to pay my own bills, and finally able to finance myself.

Biolane for Sakura

Sakura quite unluckily suffers from sensitive skin since she was born. So far I’ve dealt with her mysterious rashes, cradle cap and skin irritations and it is still going on a daily basis… Continue reading

Mommy pain pain

So a few days ago, the kids were playing in our living room and Penny was pushing around this stroller.


Just when I glanced away, Fighter snatched the stroller from her. -_-

Thus ensued a full blown tantrum from Penny of course. I quickly made Fighter hand over the stroller but too late, Penny was deep in the throes of a meltdown.… Continue reading

Leaving my toddler for the first time and the aftermath

Ola! I am back from my Europe trip :) For those who didn’t know, I was in Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona for 2 weeks and I decided to burn Mika’s flight ticket last minute. Thankfully I had the help from my parents and my mother in law. Mika was sent to Taiping and it is the first time I am away from my 20 month old son. Continue readingI already prepped him that MaMa and PaPa will be going for a long holiday and was really worried if he could cope without me especially, because I was still breastfeeding him.