Home activities for toddlers

Continue readingquoted from Maria MontessoriI really wish Chloe can learning through play, so she can enjoy learning and the process she is such a sticky bug sometimes i need her to occupied with things so i could do my house chores and cooking so these activities come in handy then i started to google and pinterest for toddler activities ideas thanks to those mama who share theirs so i can follow and improvise to my own version that suit to Chloe age, personality and things she likes!

5 Reasons Why I Quit Job to Be a Stay At Home Mom

This started with me dragging my feet back to work after maternity leavefrom my 3 months maternity leave to 6 months then 9 months unpaid i decided this is it!i want to be a Stay at Home Mumwe have no help here in Singapore and we could’t bear to send Chloe to childcare (#overlyattached)i wanted to nurture my kids since the beginning so i guess God granted my prayeri always tell mum who asking for my advice that SAHM itself is a hardest job i had so far long working hour, no MC, no OT, no salary and don’t talk about BONUS!but the fulfillment of being a SAHM is what a normal job can’t provideso let me list them down so i can constantly remind myself and be gratefulContinue readingGuarantee money cannot buy!from breastfeeding to sacrifice sleeps and spending time with your childthis is the best reward of all…Chloe is very attached to me and Mingevery morning she would ask where is Papa?

Miscarriage at week 8

This post has been in the draft forever and this happen in early April.I’m all well and recover now~ yes i was pregnant with my no.2 just a week agowe are happy and grateful coz we’ve been trying and praying my period was late as it always late after i stop breastfeeding so i don’t take it too serious this time until a church member ask me whether i’m pregnant when i complained to her that i’m having bad headache on and off so i decided to do a quick test and it was positive!! just like my first pregnancy hubby is always not the first to know coz i love to give him surprise last time was my mum who first i broke the news too but this time i tell my daughter first of cause she understand nothingthat night i request to dine out, me and Chloe went to the mall earlier to get the surprise ready for daddywhen we seated i got Chloe to passed this envelope to daddyand he was overjoy and surprise  just last week i’m thanking God that this pregnancy doesn’t cause me bad nausea or morning sickness like what i had when i’m pregnant with Chloe so i can still function as per normal taking care of my first born juggle between house chorus and my part time design job slowly spreading this good news to family and few close friends made an appointment to visit my Gynae for first pre-natal checkup there’s some brown discharge as when i try to give some urine sample for the nurseGynae did a check confirm there’s a baby in me no bleeding but need another check up a week later to confirm everything, i feel he kinda know something he brief me that if the embryo is week it will eventually come out instead of being quiet and possible as he usually dobut i don’t want to think too much just surrender to Godwe had cellgroup just a day after that night we broke the news to our cell member request them to pray for us as i started to experience some cramps which terrify me on that night itself, i went to the toilet feeling something weird down thereand i’m really bleeding this round and the cramp is intense nothing i can do but pray and pray Dear God please save my child but if that’s your will please help me to surrender and accept this is your planthat morning i’m bleeding non-stop and we went to hospital after a few check the doctor confirm that’s no sign of the fetus it must had been expelled from my body.It happen too quick .… Continue reading

The critters have a social life

Now that the critters are threenagers, their social life damn packed ok. Hahaha.


Here’s them on a weekend trip to Singapore last week!  Got their own room and everything – we pushed their beds together so they wouldn’t fall off in the middle of the night wtf.

I’m serious though!… Continue reading

Why I Switched to Android from iPhone and Now Want to Switch Back

Continue readingEver since switching from iPhone to Samsung two years ago, I have been loving and hating this new change. But more love than hate.Love (for samsung) in descending order:removable storage sd card (photo arranging is a dream) *google drive (most convenient file sharing) *deleting & sharing multiple photos is a simple drag and delete/shareautomatic photo album sortingnicer night shotsnicer selfiecharging cable can be used for power bank and camera (travel convenience) no scratches or lens crack after two years (rough usage with no lens protector)Hate (for samsung):loud speaker function when calling is CRAP *buggy and slow (gets worse over time)Love (for iPhone): amazing day shots (depth effect omg) *more photo editing apps available (more apps, period) *video recording is superiorauto bluetooth sync to AirPods and beats headphone can use front camera as mirror (no auto filter)Hate (for iPhone):back up and sync (this is the MAIN reason I’m hating iPhone, it’s a smart feature but at times it’s a bit too smarty pants, like jumbling up aka arranging my photos according to its own preference and making my life a living hell).