Signature by the Hill @ The Roof

Months ago I have set my mind to visit The Roof but work and busy schedule have gotten the better of me that I kept putting it off. Then came this month, an invitation came from Deep and coincidentally I saw an opening, immediately I rounded my girls and arranged a girly night out at Signature by the Hill – a gastro-lounge that’s part of The Roof… Continue reading.Sharing the same cocktail menu as The Pool (same founder), Signature serves up some pretty unique signature cocktails of theirs such as Milo Ais (with rum, baileys and kahlua), the famous Watermelon Slush (whole watermelon shell as a jug?

Happiedori from Happie Scrappie | Traveler’s Note , Diary , Planner #2

Hoolla♥ is me again and all the pastel or colourful lovers out there have been waiting me for this post. I know right!!! so right after I back from Sam’s house I have to face my lap top to blog about how I spent my day with her today. So yea!!! For those who followed my insta and read my previous post about my first traveler’s notebook (here… Continue reading) I’M SURE you know I’m addicted with all those stationaries and traveler’s notebook.So from now on I will share those related post on my blog.

Domino’s Eat, Drink & WIN A CAR | Chanwon

Hey hey~ my sunshines & sweeties here♥ Can you spot the blue car behind me?! Yeah you’re right it’s the latest and new design of Honta Jazz and whether you love it or not you still have to get into the waiting list until next year if you wanna get this home lol but what priority for all of the Domino’s lover you can just WIN THIS HOME! Continue readingCan you believe that you might stand a chance to win this ALL-NEW Jazz when you purchase or consume their new combo set with your favourite blue drink ever , Mountain Dew.

Our 4 Years Anniversary | Chanwon

Continue readingHello Peeps♥ Time to update some of my personal celebration post on my blog and it’s all about my dating time with Smelly. Oh yea time passed so fast , we have been together for more than 4 years now and I was like WOW! Getting older but at the same time both of use getting closer to each others.

Fighter facts

I’ve decided to do a weekly segment called BabyBloomer (yaya real creative) to update on what Fighter has been up to lately and what he’s achieved.

(not that anybody really cares la wtf cos it’s only interesting if it’s your own baby from your own uterus but more for my own remembrance’s sake)

Fighter is now 13 1/2 months!  … Continue reading

5 Minute Make – Midnight Elegance X RMK

 P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { }RMK new launched Autumn Winter 2014 Collection – “Power Of Love” in combination with one matte and one shinning touch, simply out of elegance that allows women to express their mood and inner beauty. Just like the power of love.Receiving this lovely range of RMK just made September even greater, it’s like they know my birthday (tho its over)!… Continue reading

Sinchon’s Famous ONE WHOLE CHICKEN! 공릉 닭한마리

공릉닭한마리 or Gong-reung-dalg-han-mari is said to be one of the yummiest of its kind! located in Sinchon, this famous place is actually pretty secluded and difficult to find. actually, most dalghanmari’s are hahahahaha. no idea why.

Japanese people especially frequents this place a lot and it was my Japanese friend whom had introduced me to all the famous Dalghanmari restaurants.… Continue reading

Hanami date with QiuQiu

(Yes wor, still got hanami.)   I was so excited to write this post because i was waiting for QiuQiu to announce her pregnancy!!! Now that she did i can also mention here liao! Anyway i am SO HAPPY for her because of all my friends she probably wanted a baby the most (and i was […]… Continue reading

Straight like that.

Sleek straight hair is one of the most effortless fashionable hairstyle you can ever achieveP { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { }. It brings out the edge and attitude easily which explains why pin straight hair is one of the favourite hair style for fashion week. It goes really well with nude or statement make up, my favourite will be straight hair, red lips.… Continue reading