Tokyo Coordinate 2015 Summer

Collection of my (and also sometimes Junya’s) coordinates this Japan trip in summer! The weather was mostly quite nice (pleasantly warm, though occasionally could be quite hot) so it was a breeze to dress up! Other than the few outings we had, it was mostly just a trip to the mall next door or combini downstairs so […]… Continue reading

What’s New in Beauty (Summer 2015 Edition)

Continue readingHello My Sweet Little One♥ Finally I’m done with the final blog layout and I changed my side header to top center! Hope I can stick with it for long term but I shall edit it again once I done with my shooting for the new header. Have been quite busy from the past few weeks and it’s the reason why I didn’t appear on most of the event lately.

[Review] COREYANG Silk Mask + KOREA 4D Facial Brush

Continue readingHello Peep! It’s me~Chanwon! Today, I’m going to blog about this coreyang silk mask that I received last month. Thanks for the opportunity and I’m going to share my experience and review on this post. You know girls can’t live without mask and there are lot of mask out there which we might be interested with and some even come out with a V shape mask sheet that can helps us to get a V shape face after few application but …this time I stick to a basic mask which gave me a 8 effects on my skin.

NYC TRIPPIN : Airbnb & the Lower East Side

It’s almost 2 months since the day I came back from NYC and I still can’t believe that I’ve been there! I have serious NYC withdrawal syndrome since then and I can’t wait to go back there someday. I supposed to go there for Kiehl’s media for 4 days but since I’m already there, I decided to extend my trip and I’m glad that I got Airbnb … Continue readingon board to sponsor my extended stays.

Opalescence Tooth Whitening

Continue readingEveryone is absolutely beautiful in their own unique way. But do you know that yellowish teeth could be the worst thing to kill your look and that’s really embarrassing when people thought you haven’t brushed your teeth. When I was younger, I really hate visiting the dentist, as they are professional and most of the time they used to judge my teeth: ” Have you brushed your teeth this morning?

Mickey and Minnie

This is a complete filler post cos I haven’t finished typing out my Stokke Scoot review yet and I don’t wanna leave my blog unattended.

Going on a short trip to Singapore tomorrow so my Stokke review should be up by the weekend!

Anyway guess what today’s twinning theme was?

I give you a hint wtf.… Continue reading

Kainda’s Gentle Hand Soap

Advertorial:Continue readingEverybody needs hand soap to keep our hand hygiene and we most definitely all have our favorite product. So today I am about to share my fav gentle hand soap from Kainda. Not only the best skincare is on my list, but hygiene is equally important for our health. A good hand soap is definitely something I coming across to.

Eat, Play, Fun, Stay & Things to do in Sekinchan (適耕莊吃喝玩樂+住宿篇)

Continue readingHellooo my little sweeties♥  My blog so up to date recently!! So hard working because I just wish to share this with all of you. Yesss! Finally, it's done and it took me awhile to complete the whole road trip post because I need to write it in Mandarin too. I love travel to other country but sometime I wish to have a short road trip with my bestie and girl friends too!


I always thought that i would be confined mostly at home once i start a family, but recently our family have been traveling quite a lot, especially now that Junya is older and he started to enjoy seeing new things. We have been in Hawaii for a family resort vacation for a few days now […]… Continue reading