Come drive with me

A long time ago (actually maybe 4 years ago?) I went on a test driving binge. I calculated my budget and went to a lot of showrooms to  look at car models that I liked.

This one was one of them.

The Ford Fiesta.

I think at the time, the Ford Fiesta was marketed towards girls?… Continue reading

Wheeler’s Coffee @ Love Lane Penang

Advertorial:Made a trip to the Wheelers cafe last month with Cerene, and we loved this place! It’s more like an interesting place that I want to share, as I was so amazed by the interior decoration and other food items they posted in their Facebook page, it is mainly on bicycle themed cafe. Continue readingThe vintage bicycle outside the main entrance had caught my attention!

Fighter’s first words

Someone else in the family fell sick which means no time to blog again. D:

This time it was Fatty who came down with a high grade fever that lasted a whole day and night. D:  He’s better now but we were worried it was dengue (bad cos he already got it once and getting it subsequent times is more dangerous) or influenza (bad if transmit to Fighter or me cos I’m pregnant).… Continue reading

Owl Cafe @ Osaka!

if you’re a bird person then you should have heard about how Japan’s taken over by these owl cafes. not only is owning an owl (very very expensive pet) becoming a trend, stores don’t just sell owls anymore but they are earning by letting you pet very softly on their owls and shower them with human love!… Continue reading

Kanagawa Ep4: Hakone

[You can read also Ep1: Yokohama,  Ep2: Miura and Ep3: Kamakura &Fujisawa] This post is on How to Get to Hakone! Did you know? (although i have already told you) Hakone is part of Kanagawa Prefecture, and is its best-known tourist destination. #ButFirstLetMeTakeASelfie Today’s coordinate. Accessories changed as it get a little colder, much colder, super […]… Continue reading

[FOOD] Gangnam88 @ Sunway Giza Mall

Continue readingHello Hello My little Sweeties♥  It’s been a hard time for me since I blogged about my Jeju Korea Trip last year. Throwback to few days ago….to be honest it’s my bad because I start craving for Korean food. I told Smelly that I must eat my favourite bulgogi and Dwaeji Galbi.

#PARIS2014 : L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Hi guys! I finally have the time to sit down and open my laptop. I’ve been really busy after coming back from my Europe trip, so many things to keep track on after having 2 weeks of fun. Yes, as busy as it seems, I sort-of went viral two days ago on facebook, thanks to some psychotic idiot who wrote TWO bullshit posts about me on gigacircle.… Continue reading

Kanagawa Ep3: Kamakura & Fujisawa

[You can read also Ep1: Yokohama, and Ep2: Miura]   After Misaki Maguro Day Trip in the morning, we took a train to Kamakura. I have actually been to Kamakura two years ago in the summer, and also stopped by Zushi beach for Hanabi Taikai (Fireworks Festival). It’s really nice to come back again in […]… Continue reading