My “KonMari” wardrobe makeover

Sooooo. Everybody said that without a helper now, I will just have to put up with a messier house in exchange for a more peaceful state of mind and more family privacy. Which sounds like a fair trade off. After all our mental health is more important than a spot-free house!… Continue reading

Ode to my shirts

A piece of cloth I thought you were,
Made of cotton, not leather or fur.
I saw you on sale,
So with nary a quail,
I clicked purchase and my money did transfer.

Just a shirt, and I thought that was that,
You kept me warm, and were nice to look at.… Continue reading

7 Minute Lazy Makeup Routine

I am in no way a makeup guru because I only have one style of makeup and it’s not even very good hahahaha.

But I have perfected the art of doing a complete face of makeup in under 7 minutes!

This is perfect for moms (who have toddlers hanging off their legs), people who like to press the snooze button and anyone who wants a quick to go makeup look.… Continue reading

So this is what I’ve been busy with.

Sorry for the lack of update on whatever you are following me on. Basically I am occupied with having a real life and deal with real problems. And what’s more important? I am busy learning new skills. Latest achievement is this: BEFORE (for the past 20 years or so) I mean, who on earth cares […]… Continue reading

[Samcheongdong] Bukmakgol HUGE RIBS!

so there’s this place in Seoul where you can devour beef ribs like as if you’re a cartoon character.

IMG_1866 copy

and it’s this place called Bukmakgol located at the end of Samcheongdong.

IMG_1865 copy

and the best part? you get to dine in an old fashioned looking hanok!

IMG_1854 copy

the banchan! as in side dishes.… Continue reading

CNP Laboratory Propolis

Introducing a new range of skin care from CNP today! Propolis, the life source of honeycomb has been quite a popular health and beauty ingredient lately, I am using a Propolis-infused toothpaste! And now I’m adding this ingredient into my skincare routine. Propolis has a long history of medicinal use as far back as 350B.C., […]… Continue reading