Desperate Grandpa

Actually i post it this in dayre and i feel like sharing here too.. Today I’m gonna tell you how desperate is my dad! Before this I never know my father like kids.. But after I got married he have been asking when am I getting baby or start planning for one since the fist day!… Continue reading

The-Kins 2014-10-16 20:44:00

I, Michelle Ooi, would like to offer my sincere and unreserved apologies to Dr. Hu Shan, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of KPJ Damansara Hospital for any damage that have been occasioned to her professional and personal reputations due to my inappropriate blogspot dated 25.5.2014 where in unnecessary remarks were made against her I hereby assure that this shall not be repeated again.… Continue reading

Shunka Japanese Restaurant @ Burmah Road

Advertising:Continue readingLet’s rewind a little to last week and my food review at Shunka Japanese restaurant, which is located along Burmah Road. They are now offering home style Japanese and fusion foods to everyone. Honestly I never been to Shunka and this was my first time. I haven’t even started to eat the foods but I already madly in love with the atmosphere once I reached.

My contact lenses.

One thing I can’t live without is my contact lenses. I’ve been wearing them since 13 and its already been 9 years (still counting). In these 9 years, I’ve tried various brands of contact lens, from the ones sold in optical shops and the ones from the internet. I sort of ditched the ones from optical shops cuz I think the one sold on internet has more choices but now, I don’t wear those sold online or outside optical shops anymore cuz I think that those unauthorized ones are actually very dangerous.… Continue reading

the one make up you need, for starters

Continue readingDoing a make up tutorial is soooo mainstreamI decided to do one that starts with……you are stranded on an island, you can only take one make up with you, what will you take?sunscreen.*moment of silence* okayyyyyyyythere is a fire and you can only manage to take one make up with you, what will you take?no brainer, my purse then buy new ones*bangs head*okay this happens when you meet people that like to turn round and round down the roundabout and never goes straight to the questionbut that’s not me.seriously.I can prove it to you.which make up do you think is most important?there, much easier, no?orwhich make up should I buy?

JRunway — International Shipping!

Good news, good news! For those of you who stay outside Singapore (like me!), JRunway will start international shipping this 16th Oct to: Singapore , Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand!   And more reason to shop: With any purchase at all, you get a Biore freebie!! I’ve heard raving reviews about it!… Continue reading

innisfree Purchase

innisfree, one of my favourite shop here in SG for beauty producti love their mask and tools the eyelash curler is the bomb! so cheap yet so good! Continue readingok this is my favourite of all lip tint in bright orange redi got so many compliment when i apply on my lip!

Sunsilk Perfect Straight | Chanwon ♥

 Hello My beautiful Sweeties ♥ I’m so happy to be here again with all of you and gonna discuss something with all of you. Remember my previous blog post about the craziest straight hair ideas ??(click here… Continue reading) It’s so fun to talk about it but in practice, I always have to wake up earlier just to take a bath and took more than one hour just to make my hair look beautifully straight.

Bringing out baby

Saw this video on the  Friso Gold FB page.  There have been a couple of touching but heart wrenching videos about kids going around Facebook and… I’m quite pantang about things like this during pregnancy so I didn’t watch hahaha.  But don’t worry this video is a short and sweet one.… Continue reading


Continue readingAlohaaaa Peeps and all my little sweeties! I know you have been forever waiting for this post to come. Receive quite a lot reminder on this but you know it’s very hard for me to make the decision and today…finally… WINNER LIST is on my hand now!!! Don’t wanna throw too much for you guys and I will just straight to the point.