Lavazza Cafe

Yobosaeyo yohbos! (Hello darlings)been busy working these few days but don’t worry! I have pending pots coming up up up!went to meet up with my girlfriend few days ago at lavazza Cafe near her place, haven;t met up in a bit so #girlsbeinggirls you know what happens lolLe girlfriend has been cutting her hair shorter and shorter so I called her my boyfriend instead hahaha seriously she looks like my boyfriend in the pictures below so scroll on!My girlfriend/boyfriend hahahaContinue readingDating OOTD!I called le gf/bf to wear nicer and put on some make up because I’m dressing up but in the end she still came in a dress.

Bagaimana nak bergaya dan berbajet?

Duduk main laptop ni kadang-kadang bahaya juga…haha…sebab selalu online shopping je kerja…Tapi tak mengapa kalau nak shopping dengan website ni, haaa….SEBAB website… Continue reading MURAH and semua barang pun ada! Sampai barang-barang dapur pun ada sekali…uihhhh…Jadi kalau malas nak mekap and keluar shopping, beli je la dengan website ni.Sampai pun cepat je.Biasanya 1-3 hari dah sampai depan pintu rumah…tetapi untuk yang tinggal sekitar Lembah Klang, lagi cepat.

Yum Cha at Jin Yan

It was a Saturday afternoon, and Little J was up from his morning nap, fed and changed. In other words, he was in a good mood. And when he was in a good mood, mommy and daddy were in an awesome mood! :) So out we went for lunch at Jin Yan Asian Cuisine, using a voucher that Saucer bought.… Continue reading

Belly piercing experience

I just got my belly pierced at Koh Lipe few weeks ago, frankly I always think that having a belly piercing is sexy.But some people might can’t accept it, they were like: ” No don’t do in”, ” so painful”, ” ewww…”,” disgusting”. Apparently people has perception that belly piercing= a sign of lalamui.… Continue reading

My Unforgettable Internship Story, experience, Lesson learned (Part 1)

Hello♥ All the students out there!! Finally I’m here again~ Really happy that I’m able to share my thought with all of you after I blog about the useful advice for students to Uni/ College here… Continue reading. I never been so motivated lately I think this might due to my exam. Lol the only way I can release my stress and think about others related stuff will be blogging in my blog.

Video Tutorial: How to style with Infinity top / dress & OOTD from Room8008

Continue readingHey Yooo Sweeties♥  I know I shouldn’t be here today because tml I have another morning paper but since I promised some of you to update for the video tutorial about the infinity top so I added on together with some OOTD purchased from Room8008. I purchased the shoulder off top with lots of love because you know what I love pastel color and the most amazing part was Room8008 came out with so many diff range of color from pastel to hot pink.

Embrace the Birkenstock Trend

okie I’m inspired from this post coz i actually collect a set of photos that people look great in bikerstock I’m totally convince! hubby brought me my first pair Birkenstock-inspired sandals from Zara last weeki can’t wait to get my dslr back from kl so i can take outfit photos soonokie now i share my collection of photos with you all white! Continue readinga little formal outfit goes well with it too!

normal days

disclaimer: all pictures in this post is taken by Iphone! sorry for the bad quality lolThis post is just for fun! no negative comments allowed xxxHello Bello! *minion takeover*a perfect outing for me with the boyfie would be……let’s see,shoppingfoodpictures (PG 18)holding handsshoppingpictureswashroommoviepicturestea timepictureswalking blindlypictureswashroomshoppingpictures (PG20)walkpictures (PG 21)laughtalkshoppingpicturesdinnerpictures (PG30)washroommake uppictures (PG33)bookstorepictureschoosing random bookspicturesContinue readingand “The end”I know!